Design of Racks
Our company has always been to solve the problem of logistics system as a customer sales targets.
Completed hundreds of domestic and international logistics warehousing system of free design
一、Logistics programme Design: According to the corresponding industries, the corresponding products, the corresponding Treasury building, based on logistics, logistics distance, logistics factors such as frequency design a reasonable and effective RACKS logistics system. Ultimate goal of completing thelargest storage rate, the most effective memory speed, the correct amount of storage. Including (a reasonable RACKS  type and size, a reasonable RACKS space logistics channel, the fire reasonable request.)
二、Framework design of Racks system:Follow the customer's goods request,According National Steel Racks  design specifications. YODOLY logistics equipment manufacturing factory the racks standards and benefit  abroad corresponding standards, the design of safety, durability, conservation, aesthetic factors such as the steel structure shelf.
The process of service delivery

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