Heary Duty Racking
Date£º2008-8-20 ¡¾Close¡¿
PL-90 ¡¡¡¡PL-120
¡¡¡¡Goods yard storing racks
¡¡¡¡It is a kind of sectional and assembled type of goods racks with 75mm layer height as intercept space to be easily adjusted,fit to store unit gathering batches or varies kinds of goods.The rack is consist of standing column piece,cross beam and auxiliary parts,use a forklift to store or take the goods,any location goods can be easily stored or taken.The rack is made of cold roll steel with profiled bar section enable the steel material bearing capacity exerts to a superlative point,also its safety factor is higher.Loading bearing capacity:800-4000Kg/layer,and make more than 40% of the strehouse utilizing.


Assumen ¦¸ structu ral steel£¬up right frame assembly£¬interlock beam£¬two pieces lock togher£®can adjustable in 50£®8mm¡¡height£®bea ring from 22001bs to 66001bs£¯level£®

£ÐF-76.2 ¡¡£ÐC-76.2
Assume C channe steel£®upright frame welded together£¬step beam£¬two pieces weld together£¬fit to wire mesh£¬can¡¡adiustable 50£®8mm pitch£®bea ring from 22001bs to 55001bs£¯layer£¬

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